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July 28-30 Ludum Dare 39 entry

Running out of energy

       Play original LD39 game in Browser
       Post-LD39 Updates: Play in Browser
       GameMaker Studio 1.0 source

        Windows Executable installer
        HTML5 Source Code

Spring Break 2016 Project: Embattled!

   Early version with no sound or end game. Let me know what you think!

   April 4, 2016. Lots of progress. 10 Waves close to being complete. Cannon and drones pop up.

                Use keypad + for game over screen. No end game triggered at armor 0 yet

   Update: [old] March 15: Tutorial works (but needs some additions). No sound yet. Goes to wave 11.

          [old]No end game... More to come!

Ludum Dare 34 December 2015 Challenge Entry Grow Match HTML5 Version

Ludum Dare 34 GameMaker Source Grow Match Source (zip)

Ludum Dare 34 GameMaker Windows Executable Grow Match Windows Executable (zip)

LudumDare 33 August 2015 Challenge Entry Dungeon Boss Monster

LudumDare 33 August 2015 Challenge Source Dungeon Boss Monster

LudumDare 33 August Post Dare Update 1 Dungeon Boss Monster (Windows)

Sorry - No HTML5 version this time.

LudumDare April 2015 Challenge Entry Android Runner

LudumDare April 2015 UPDATES (post competition version) Android Runner v2

LudumDare April 2015 Source (post competition version) Android Runner v2 SOURCE

LudumDare Nov/Dec 2014 Challenge Entry Pagoda Strike

Simple Space Shooter

NOTE: If possible, please use the Player from yoyogames to play the 'Simple Space Shooter' game so I can get stats there (


An early version of "Simple Space Shooter" From 2014 (very slow as HTML5, treat as a look see)

The Simple Space Shooter Stand Alone Windows Executable Install to get good version in Windows

The Android .apk Sideload to play on Android